I got my interest in photography from my dad, who had a huge stash of slides in carosels in the closet. He would entertain family and friends with the projector and screen, recalling many happy moments and scenes. It was also very exciting to see an image come into view in the darkroom trays in the basement. In highschool, I shot for the school paper and the yearbook. A true, and very shy, introvert, my final project in speech class was a slideshow set to music, where I didn’t have to speak. Happily, it was well received. That reinforced my belief in the power of images. I also photographed when I was able to travel, to help embellish my memories. I did not plan to be serious about photography until I got a tripod in 2002. This helped me see more critically and gave me motivation to improve. I joined a camera club and started going on photo tours. At first, I was resistant to the digital age, but now I use a full frame digital camera and process images, as I see fit, with Lightroom and Photoshop. I am always striving to make my message more clear, to bring out beauty and to stir emotion. Although my subject choice leans to horses and flowers, I still love to travel (in non-Covid times) and explore new places and cultures. All images are available for purchase.

Becky Bowling


I am available to photograph your horses(s) within a 50 mile  radius of St. Clair, MO.

Please email me for details.


American Journal of Radiology

The Whip, American Driving Society

The Chronicle of the Horse


Photography from Abroad

St. Charles Community College

January 31 – March 4 , 2022;  Reception February 16, 6 pm-8 pm.